Wildlife Management Advisory Council (North Slope)

With members representing the Inuvialuit and the governments of Canada and the Yukon, this five person Council is the Yukon counterpart to the WMAC (NWT). It is responsible for advising federal and territorial ministers on all matters related to the conservation of wildlife, habitat and Inuvialuit use on the Yukon North Slope.

As established by the Inuvialuit Final Agreement, the Yukon North Slope falls under a special conservation regime which includes two wilderness parks: Ivvavik National Park and Herschel Island Territorial Park. The WMAC (NS) is actively involved in the management of these two parks.

The WMAC (NS) has prepared a Wildlife Conservation and Management Plan, and a Long-term Research Plan for the Yukon North Slope. These plans help government and the Inuvialuit and implement the special conservation regime for the area.

Similar to the FJMC and the WMAC (NWT), the WMAC (NS) makes recommendations to the Government on wildlife and habitat research. Since its formation the Council has supported research on a number of species including caribou, muskox, grizzly bears, waterfowl, Dall sheep and wolves. The Council has also supported ongoing ecological monitoring and critical habitat mapping projects.

In all its activities, the Council has worked to facilitate cooperation between the Inuvialuit and the governments of Canada and the Yukon. Inuvialuit have assisted with wildlife research and in the development and implementation of wildlife and park management plans. Every three years, in cooperation with the Yukon Government, the Council organizes the North Slope Conference to address matters of public interest in the area.


  • Chair – Lindsay Staples
  • Danny C. Gordon (Inuvialuit)
  • Ernest Pokiak (Inuvialuit)
  • David Tavares (Canada)
  • Tyler Kuhn (Yukon)


  • Allison Thompson
  • Kait Wilson


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